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รีวิวยาง P3 Vs. Tenergy 05 โดย Deepak

Have played for about 10 hours with Adidas P3 rubber – max thickness on both sides and here are my comments:
I found it really nice – used to play with Tenergy 05 in the past but was quite bothered by the high throw and a certain degree of unpredictability. With P3 there were so many loops that flew off my bat and seemed to go long only to curve in and land inside.
With Tenergy if i did not change the angle of the bat while switching from BH to FH, the ball would go long – P3 is so much more forgiving – a swing is all that is required – so much less to think of the angle while looping !
Speed almost the same as Tenergy. Blocking however is much better and so is the counter game from close and middle distance. Pushes are spinny and deep and rarely does the ball pop over.
Sound is great – kind of like a gunshot when one blocks a fast drive.
I for one did not find too much of a difference in the catapult effect of T05 and P3.
T05 on the other hand does have more spin in looping and the ball seems to bite deeper in the rubber than in P3.
On the whole I found P3 to be more controllable with the speed and spin being right up there which makes me wonder why it is not getting as much publicity as it should get. Where I come from P3 is less than half the price of a T05 and so great value for money.
Would like to hear more on the P3 from other who have tried it.

My old equipment:  Donic Burn OFF ST Yasaka Mark V max Yasaka Mark V max


(the one in yellow is me)

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