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รีวิวยาง SynTec โดย Yogi Bear

Syntec regular:

Adidas released the Syntec and syntec sf as their 2nd generation rubbers. The first ones are the R-series. While the R-series rubbers are made for speedy strokes, the Syntec series were designed for more spin.

Weight: 58-59 grams uncut; cut 35 grams to a 157×159 blade (C100)

Size: 171x171mm

Thickness: 2.2mm/max red with Orange SPonge

Sponge Hardness: Medium Soft; by DHS Scale hardness this would be 36 degrees

Dwell Time: high

FH and BH drills:

The rubber is fast and if you hit through the sponge the speed of the rubber comes out well. This is more of a control rubber.

Pushes and serves:

Above average spin on pushes and serves. Spinnier than the R-series but less than the P or Tenzone series.


very good control on slow loops and spinny enough to produce a medium arc compared to its r-series cousins. The thing here is this is a medium soft rubber so looping requires hitting through the sponge with a small amount of brushing or grazing the ball.

Hitting and counterhitting:

This rubber is not sensitive to incoming spin so counters are a lil bit easier. Blocking is excellent with this rubber and also smashing isnt a problem.


Its like a JO Silver but spinnier and faster. I would recommend this on a hard or medium hard blade. COntrol is not an issue. Players who wannts to have an all around game and requires amount of control will love the Syntec Regular. Definitely for all-around players and good for beginners to advanced players. For advanced players this is an excellent bh rubber.

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