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รีวิวยาง King ในเมืองนอก


Review Timberwolf said this on March 19, 2009:

I use this rubber in my forehand on a friendship fighter blade and its really nice for smash and drives, has a good sound and nice bounce of the ball with nice catapult effect and very good for spiny serves. By the other hand the rubber topsheet its a little hard but the sponge feels soft. Nice rubber

Review ionel said this on July 11, 2009:

good rubber for topspin loop and smash

Review murathocam said this on March 25, 2010:

I use it on my backhand on a galaxy T-6. Good for flips and flicks. It has good spin and speed. You must be careful when you counter-loop, block or drive. You can send the ball off the table easily.

Review Anonymous said this on June 9, 2012:

feel so hard. spin is great. smash is ok. speed is a little bit slow. put it on the fast blade. looping is it’s main weapon. serve is very spinny. block is also good. be careful when cutting this rubber, the sponge is quiet fragile. I recommend it for those who play close to the table,becoz it requires strength to play with it..


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