โต๊ะปิงปอง Outdoor Sponeta

ชื่อสินคา้ : โต๊ะเทเบิลเทนนิส Outdoor รุ่นท็อป 5-73e (compatible with adidas
TO 700 ) ราคา 55,000 บาท (made in Germany) ลดเหลือ 35,000 บาท

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  • Specification

 Sponeta Schoolline Outdoors
 outdoor table, weatherproof
 european standard: EN-Norm 14468-1
 For sports in schools and clubs.
 In playback-position for sole training, too.
table top/frame profile
 melamine resin board 6 mm
 colour: blue
 limited impact-resistant
 top resistant against dampness
 strongly fixed with metal frame
 frame profil L-50 mm, powder-coated
 Compact (type 4b)
 square-profile 50 x 30 mm, powder-coated
 4 double wheels (diameter 128 mm) with rubber tread, all wheels are manoeuvrable
 bat and ball holder on both sides
 balance of different standing positions and unevenness up to 30 mm through height
adjustment on the outer legs
Locking system
 SMS (Smart Manual System)
 handle visible from all sides and in any position
 drawbar underneath the tabletop unlocks both of the safety devices simultaneously
 simple and automatic click-mechanism in storage and playing position of the table
 playing position: l=274 cm x w=152,5 cm x h=76 cm (in accordance with international
 storage position: l=152,5 cm (with net 184 cm) x w=69,5 cm x h=155 cm
 frame profile colour: black (RAL 9005)
 undercarriage colour: white aluminium (RAL 9006)
 brace: black (RAL 9011)
 supporting brace: black (RAL 9011)
 add-on: including assembly instruction with language booklet
 accessories: without
 gross weight: 75.5 kg, net weight: 70 kg

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