ยางปิงปอง der-materialspezialist รุ่น B.A.D (Best Anti Defence)



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Rubber มีผิวที่ลดแรงเสียดทาน ซึ่งจะมีลักษณะคล้ายๆผิวของปลาฉลาม  . 

We have been inspired by this phenomenon and have incorporated it in our new antispin rubber B.A.D Best Anti Defence in a globally unique manufacturing process.

The result is unique and amazing: 

In the rally, the incoming rotation is preserved, but the dreaded angle dependency with balls with little rotation is nearly eradicated entirely.
This results in virtually perfect control. This unique anti-spin rubber also enables relentless attacks on all types of spin and no-spin balls.

Speed 50
Control  90
Effect (ความอุบาทว์) 98

รีวิวยาง B.A.D.


General information concerning assembly and maintenance:

Use der-materialspezialist CONTACT PREMIUM PLUS tabletennis-adhesive exclusively for the effortless multiple assembly of a rubber on various blades.

Please take notice of the assembly instructions for ANTIS and LONG PIMPLES at der-materialspezialist CONTACT PREMIUM PLUS.

We recommend using a gluesheet for the permanent assembly on your blade.

Repeated cleaning with der-materialspezialist PRO-ANTI-CLEAN maintains the sensitive surface and guarantees a flawless product.

Please remove any productional residue on the surface with a soft cloth before you play with the rubber for the first time.

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