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Speed Winning · Sharp Weapon in Offense Designed for Ball with 40+ New Material
A new generation of T3 carbon sponge is the carbon macroporous sponge which adopts the static foaming technique. The pore size is more uniform with more even distribution so as to obtain excellent overall integrality and mechanical properties. The carbon sponge provides stronger support force together with the golden proportion of layout of pore and pore wall, which makes the rubber to have a greater compression ratio in the process of holding so as to stabilize the output of elastic potential energy that has been reserved. The T3 carbon sponge and the shaped non-sticky rubber surface bring out the best in each other. It not only has the superior flexibility and power, but also has good rotational property and excellent sense of ball control, which gives full play to the characteristic of deep holding and strong power of the T3 rubber.

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