ยางปิงปอง Sauer & Troger เม็ดสั้นรุ่น Hass



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ทำไมคู่ต่อสู้จึงได้สิ้นหวัง  หน้าตาเคร่งเครียด   เป็นเพราะเขาไม่สามารถรับลูกที่ถูกตีด้วยยาง Hass จาก Sauer & Troger นั่นเอง

หลังจากการวิจัยอย่างหนัก  Sauer & Troger ได้ออกยางตัวใหม่รุ่น Hass ซึ่งเป็นยางเม็ดสั้นที่ทรงพลังมาพร้อมกับ  effect ของกาว speed   เพียงแค่ตีวงสั้นๆก็สามารถผลิตความหมุนและความรุนแรงของลูกได้อย่างง่ายดาย

  • Speed: 96
  • Control: 92
  • Spin: 83
  • Hardness: medium
  • Characteristics: ALL+/OFF




More punch in your attacking strokes


  1. Pimples structure:
    The individual pimple heads of the hate lie somewhat further apart in comparison to the Zargus. When you stroke over them, you will notice that the pimples feel nice and handy. This allows you to attract topspins on undercut or on balls with little rotation.
  2. Pimple width:
    The top rubber consists of cylindrical pimples which have the same diameter from the pimple neck to the pimple head. Compared to the Zargus, the pimples are slightly longer and narrower. This immediately transfers the speed of your swinging movement to the ball. You can even play catapult topspins with small movements and put your opponent under a lot of pressure.

Way of playing:

Why does your opponent look so dissatisfied?
Such a face only because you have poured him with the hate again an unattainable ball?
The Short Pimple has a built-in speed glue effect with maximum penetration power. You can take the balls early after the bounce and exert pressure on your opponent. The big strength is the pressure block or counter top spin above the table.
Due to the perfect energy transfer even with short movements, an enormous power and rotation develops in the rubbers. This allows you to respond even to standing and slow balls with placed and powerful strokes.
Hate also makes a good impression in defensive play. Due to its slightly longer pimples, the ball can penetrate deeper into the surface and can be blocked or plucked with a lot of feeling.
The more control you want, the thinner your sponge should be!

Sebastian’s tip:
The S&T Hass is ideal for the offensive short pimple player who prefers active strokes and does not want to miss an excellent control at a good basic speed.
Even very active shots can be played with a very low susceptibility to error.

The hate is made especially for the point-oriented pimple player. Optimal mixture between highest speed and good control. Dominate your opponent!

วิดีโอเป็นการทดสอบยาง Hass ทั้งด้าน back hand (สีดำ) และ forehand (สีแดง)

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