ยางปิงปอง anti รุ่น Super Stop



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  • Speed: 43
  • Control: 108
  • Effet/Disturbing effect: 41
  • Suitability: DEF +/ALL
  • Spong-hardness: Soft +


Super Stop

Target: Never again sensitive to rotation and cutting!

Characteristics: The Super Stop with approx. 22 grams is an absolute lightweight under the rubbers. The upper rubber is only slightly roughened and very thin. In terms of colour, the black-grey top rubber is the opposite of the sponge, which has a bright yellow colour. Both the upper rubber and the sponge are very hard. The Anti-Top is available in the sponge thicknesses 1.5 mm and 1.9 mm.

Rubber structure: Due to its slightly roughened, hard upper rubber, the Super Stop is very well suited for starting with the Anti-Top. It is much more controlled to play than a smooth anti-top.

Way of playing:

The Super Stop takes any rotation out of the ball. You’ll experience unsurpassed control with this slow, lightly residual grip. Antitope rubber. The rotation is completely neutralized and passive balls can be returned extremely safely. will be. When cut above the table, the Anti-Top develops a lot of rotation. The cut of the opponent is simply taken over and strengthened by small, fast movements in the forearm. Due to its moderate tempo, it is no problem for the antitop to play back firm shots in a controlled manner. The ball flies with a very flat curve to the opponent’s side. In attacking play, the pusher against undercut and especially the side wiper are very dangerous. The ball still bounces slightly on your opponent and makes it impossible for him to attack placed himself.

Sebastian’s tip: Even if you haven’t played with an antitop yet, it’s worth taking a look at the Sauer & Tröger Super Stop. For example, if you are playing with pimples or smooth Antitops do not feel safe enough and produce slight errors.

Conclusion: If you have had problems with your opponent’s serve or topspin so far, then the Super Stop is just the thing for you. Your balls will no longer fly over the table and any rotation will be eliminated.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_GmqW36ijZQ

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