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With our newest slick anti-spin development der-materialspezialist SCANDAL we set the current limits for control and spin reversal.
The opponents spin is transformed into massive backspin.Due to the utillization of a new rubber compound SCANDAL reaches a never priorly achieved slow speed and creates scandalously short blocks even when the opponent makes hard loops and hits.Additionally the ball hereby has a downward trajectory and thereby creates a flutter effect when the opponent adds rotation to the ball. SCANDAL offers highest control values and extremely reduced angle dependency when dealing with no/low rotation balls.SCANDAL: Extreme spinreversal, scandalous low trajectory, combinded with sensational flutter effect balls and highest control values.

The highest disruptive effect and the best spin reversal you get with SCANDAL in 0,9mm.
The 1,5 mm version is the slowest.The 1,2mm version is a perfect compromise.

Note on installation and care:
Each SCANDAL ANTI comes with a free MSP-DK4 adhesive foil.
Please use this glue sheet for installation and follow the enclosed assembly instructions.
Please remove any production residues with our microfibre cloth SBS.
Regular cleaning with PRO-ANTI-CLEAN cares and protects your GLANTI!


Speed: 19
Control: 108
Disruptive effect: 107
Characteristics: Defensive / Allround

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